Question: Are you ready for Twitter to explode when the time comes for Romo to criticize the Cowboys on Sunday's broadcast? Mosley: It will be really interesting. I'm sort of bummed to be at the game. I'd like to hear him live and see the reaction. He knows these guys extremely well, but I think he'll be critical if he needs to be. Tony can do it in sort of a lighthearted way...and that will serve him well. He doesn't seem like the guy who will come across as bitter or anything. It should be fun. But Troy Aikman has fought the Cowboys bias questions for years. Tony will have to go through the same thing. Question: So ... Ezekiel Elliott is gonna play Sunday, after all. Why not just serve the suspension? Mosley: I understand that a lot of fans would like to get the suspension over with since it seems so certain to happen. But Zeke and the NFLPA want to see this through in the courts. Zeke feels like he can keep trying to clear his name, to a certain extent. The NFLPA is likely thinking about future cases. And Jerry is thinking about the team improving to 5-3. If this helps you win another game, it gives you a little more margin for error moving forward. The Eagles may run away with the division, but there will be wild-card spots up for grabs. All hope is not lost in this watered-down NFL. There's certainly no super team in the NFC, outside of perhaps the Eagles. Question: A lot has been made of the lower NFL TV ratings this season. Is it possible viewing is down because it is just a boring season? No breakout stars, surprises, seemingly great teams of the decade. Meh. Mosley: I think it's probably more about the overall product than the protests, although Papa John seems to be suggesting otherwise. It doesn't help to see stars such as Aaron Rodgers and [Deshaun] Watson go down for the season. No one wants to watch teams led by backups. If it's a QB-driven league, the NFL might want to do even more to protect them. And yes, I know Watson had a non-contact injury. The college games are just more unpredictable and fun right now. I've even heard from my friend Brent Musburger that more money has come in at the South Point Casino sportsbook on Saturdays than Sundays the past three weeks. That's pretty much unheard of in Vegas. It probably doesn't help that the Giants are dreadful. You don't want your big-market teams to be awful. I decided to start a Giants podcast this season. Don't I look like a genius.