I've been covering European football long enough to know that most transfer rumors are, at best, loosely informed speculation and, at worst, complete garbage. Even with that realization, every now and then I run across a rumor that stops me in my tracks. So when I woke up this morning to the “news” that Roma and PSG were discussing a potential loan swap of Edin Dzeko and Mauro Icardi, my ears perked up—there's no denying it, Icardi has always had my attention.

After bursting onto the scene with Sampdoria in 2012—10 goals in 31 appearances as a 19-year-old—Icardi became a bonafide superstar once he moved to Inter Milan. In six years with Inter, Icardi scored an astounding 126 goals in all competitions before that relationship soured and he moved to PSG on a mega-money deal in the summer of 2019.