No one really knows what's going on between Roma coach Paulo Fonseca and now former captain Edin Dzeko. There is plenty of conjecture, sure, but unless you've been in a room with the two men, all you can really do is speculate. Rumor has it that the debacle against Spezia in the Coppa Italia—in which Fonseca illegally made six subs, resulting in the dismissal of team manager Gianluca Gomber—rekindled a feud that may have been lying dormant since Roma's defeat in the Europa League Round of 16 last August against Sevilla.

And when Dzeko was left in the stands for Roma's league match against Spezia over the weekend (he was dealing with a bruise/contusion-like injury, per reports), the rumor smoke turned into a full-blown conflagration, with stories of an unrepairable rift between Roma's captain and coach hitting the airwaves and making the rounds throughout the Romaverse.

Things were so dire that we tried to play the role of peacemaker, offering four solutions for Roma's Fonseca vs. Dzeko feud. In the days since we published that, Dzeko, due to his injuries, has continued to train on his own, though he was photographed at training speaking with Fonseca, perhaps suggesting that this feud isn't as bitter as it may seem.