Here it is, your obligatory “José Mourinho is trying to convince Sergio Ramos” story. After the Spanish legend parted ways with his former club Real Madrid earlier this week, it was only a matter of time before people concocted a reunion between The Special One and the 35-year-old free-agent center-back. 

There aren't many instances in which Roma fans can sympathize with Real Madrid followers, but I think we all remember the shock and pain of seeing a club legend leave the team under, shall we say, less than ideal circumstances. But, where we were spared the sight of seeing Francesco Totti in a different shirt, Madrid fans will have no such luck with Ramos who, despite being 35-years-old, is sure to have plenty of teams desperate for his signature.

And if you believe reports in the Italian press (which are too numerous to count at this point), Roma will be one of several teams interested in inking the Madrid legend to a free-agent deal this summer.