Well, how's that for timing? Just a day after giving Stephan El Shaarawy's return to Roma an 80% chance of happening, it seems like we were being overly cautious in those projections. With 16 goals through seven matches, Paulo Fonseca's attack is the league’s second most prolific, trailing only Sassuolo and Atalanta who have each found the back of the net 18 times. Still, despite those strong early returns, one can simply never have enough attackers.

As well as Pedro and Henrikh Mkhitaryan have settled into life in Roma (eight goals and six assists combined), both of these savvy veterans fall on the wrong side of 30; an absurd statement in the real world but one a football manager navigating three competitions under high duress must contend with. 

With Roma purging themselves of wide forwards at the end of the summer transfer window(Kluivert to RB Leipzig, Patrik Schick to Leverkusen, Cengiz Ünder to Leicester City and Diego Perotti to Fenerbahçe), the only respite Fonseca can provide for Pedro or Mkhitaryan comes in the form of young Carles Pérez, who has delighted Roma fans with his explosive athleticism and darting runs but remains plagued by the inconsistencies of youth.