The Moise Kean to Roma rumor is the free stress ball of transfer rumors. You're at some bullshit work conference just biding the time until the free lunch arrives and then someone gives you the most generic piece of swag ever: the foam stress ball with corporate logos and some half-assed motivational phrase emblazoned on either side. You don't really want it yet you can't bring yourself to throw it away, thinking it'll come in handy at some point. 

Then time passes—days, weeks, months and even years—and the stress ball just reappears. You didn't exactly put it away anywhere specific, but it just keeps popping up: when you're cleaning the living room, or maybe it rolls out from underneath your driver's seat at a stop light, maybe you find it in a drawer while desperately searching for AAA batteries, or perhaps your pug discovered it in some dark corner of the basement. No matter how much you care for or neglect it, it just keeps coming back. It has no real use but it’s like energy; you can neither create nor destroy it; it only transforms.

Moise Kean rumors are our collective stress balls, reappearing every few months to remind us that, yes, once a upon a time, it was an exciting gift that quickly became an afterthought. And according to the Corriere dello Sport, it's time to dust off that bacteria magnet once more...but this time with a slightly more interesting twist.