The Giants have been making plenty of changes lately. One guy who’ll be back is veteran safety Antrel Rolle. So what does he think of the offseason? “I think it’s been very explosive,” Rolle told NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk on Friday. “We’ve added some key guys to our program that can definitely help us out and help us win and contribute right away to our plan that we have going on for the 2014 season.” While he likes what the team has done, he hasn’t been squatting on the various Internet resources for information about the team’s moves. For that, he relies on a family member. “Whatever happens, happens,” Rolle said. “If I happen to catch it then that’s great but I don’t tune in too much to what’s going on. My mom, she tunes in more. I’ll get a text message here and there saying who did what and so forth and so on but I use my offseason wisely and try to get away from the game as much as I can.” It sounds like we may need to hire Antrel’s mother. “My mama, she’s the niche when you’re talking about NFL football,” Rolle said. “I mean this lady can tell you what kind of coverage I’m supposed to be in, where I’m supposed to be, they used to call her the Mel Kiper of Homestead so she’s definitely on her game.”