It was the most scathing statement from Antrel Rolle's weekly WFAN radio spot even if he didn't intend it to be . The Giants safety continued his "Believe" campaign on Tuesday reiterating that the Giants can win once they believe they can win. But does the team believe it can win? Rolle does but he couldn't say for sure that all of his teammates do. "No I really don’t" he said. "Honestly speaking I really don’t believe that everyone believes we can win within our locker room." Not that Rolle was being critical of his teammates though. He added that believing is "hard" especially because these Giants haven't had a win in quite awhile. They haven't won a game since the preseason opener in Pittsburgh. "There's guys that haven't been there before" he said. "I really don’t expect every guy to believe to have the same beliefs that I have. But that’s why we try to bring everyone together. That’s why we try to get everyone on the same page." He also doesn't believe it's Tom Coughlin's fault that the Giants are in an 0-4 hole. “It’s not our head coach under any means” he said. “We have an outstanding coach an excellent coach a motivated coach. We have a coach that has a fire within his heart.