So, Roger Goodell says the show will go on.

The NFL commissioner, in a league-wide memo distributed on Thursday, told the owners and general managers in no uncertain terms that the annual NFL draft will be conducted as scheduled from April 23-25.

This, for every sports fan in America who’s starved for any morsel of live sports in a time when the coronavirus crisis has the entire globe paralyzed and every sporting event canceled or postponed, was welcome news to all of us.

The NFL draft is the most popular sporting event that doesn’t actually take place in-season, with games played. The first round is one of the most anticipated events in sports.

Day 2 remains intriguing with the second and third rounds, which produce many starters and future stars.

Day 3, however, usually becomes an event for only the true football junkies and nerds, with the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds having mostly backups and long-shot prospects selected.

Given the state of sports we’re in (which is to say no sports), even Day 3 figures to be devoured by even the most casual of sports fans, because who among us isn’t already tired of watching reruns of old “classic’’ sporting events on TV?