We just met with Brewers manager Ron Roenicke to ask why Zack Greinke's next turn is being skipped and Roenicke basically said they messed up by pitching Greinke in three consecutive games -- two before the break, including a four-pitch effort before being ejected, and again Friday in the first game coming out of the break. "We tried to do something with Zack that I think Zack thought was kind of neat and we thought would work," said Roenicke. "And it didn't work. He didn't pitch well that second day after he was thrown out and he didn't pitch well the other day. "He didn't feel the same; he just didn't feel right. We kind of got him out of his routine. The all-star break didn't help because he also didn't have a bullpen in between that start (Friday). So, to try to get him back on track for the second half, and we know it's important for him to pitch well for us, we bumped him a start. "Hopefully, we can get Zack back on his routine and pitching the way he can. But we felt this was the best way to do it, talking to him and talking to (pitching coach) Rick Kranitz about doing this. That's why we're doing this."