Alex Rodriguez may have had a bit of success at the plate since his return to the field from hip surgery but he’s managed to strike out on the silver screen. The embattled Yankee third baseman who voices the animated version of himself in the children’s film “Henry & Me” will likely find his character on the cutting-room floor because of his involvement in one of baseball’s biggest drug scandals. The film’s investors will “make a move to get another character” to replace Rodriguez’s according to executive producer Ray Negron a long-time adviser to the Yankees although “they still haven’t pulled the plug yet.” During a screening of “Henry & Me” in midtown Wednesday Rodriguez’s character was still part of the film and its narrative — which chronicles the moving journey of a young boy named Jack who is battling cancer and who ends up meeting many of the Yankees’ legendary players as well as the late owner George Steinbrenner. Rodriguez comes up to bat during a crucial sequence — sound familiar? — and needs a clutch hit to send the Bombers into the playoffs. The film is based upon Negron’s children’s books. “Win or lose kid these are the opportunities we live for” A-Rod says to Jack before his at-bat. Rodriguez’s character later visits Jack in the hospital while he is recovering from cancer treatment. But despite the animated A-Rod’s positive message and actions during the film in reality Rodriguez is enmeshed in a performance-enhancing drug scandal one that has resulted in a 211-game suspension by Major League Baseball. Rodriguez has appealed and is playing for the Yankees as the process unfolds. The “Henry & Me” investors are concerned with Rodriguez’s off-field woes impacting the marketability and image of the film for his character to remain. “I understand why” Negron said. “It’s different because I care about Alex very much. But I have a job to do.” Negron added that he had not spoken with Rodriguez about the proposed edits because “Alex has a lot that he’s dealing with now. At the end of the day he’ll understand.”