Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games basically amounting the 2014 season and whatever was left of the 2013 at the time of ruling based on multiple charges. One such charge was the allegation that A-Rod had taking steroids every year since 2009. As part of Alex Rodriguez's appeal his lawyer David Cornwell plans to challengeMajor League Baseball's claim of A-Rod's alleged use over multiple years. It will take more than 20 days for Rodriguez's legal team to go through every shred of evidence MLB has compiled against their client and the lawyers have yet to see the evidence at this time. Some believe A-Rod's side is trying to stall the appeal process but it takes time to build a case and look through all the necessary evidence the opposition has built up. It is believed that MLB's arbitrator Fredric Horowitz won't make a ruling on the appeal until November so there is still plenty of time for both sides to prepare for a long legal battle.