It is no surprise to see Rodney Stuckey on a list of disappointing players in this young NBA season. Statistically he is having the worst year of his career (albeit in only eight games so far) and there have been indications that he is struggling to adapt to his new role as an off guard who doesn't have the ball in his hands nearly as much as he used to. While most are just waiting for him to crawl out of his early season funk there are signs that he is in danger of sliding backwards as opposed to moving forwards. In writing about Stuckey, Broussard stated (ESPN Insider -- subscription required) the following: The strange thing is that several people have told me Stuckey worked his tail off over the summer and that he was prepared to come in and have perhaps his best season. Now that he's struggling, they tell me he's a moody person who lets his moods affect his play "He hasn't grown up yet so he might get frustrated and just shut it down,'' one person said.