Rodney Harrison had some harsh criticism of Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Harrison was providing commentary as an in-studio personality on NBC’s “Football Night in America” before the Detroit Lions-Pittsburgh Steelers game when he gave an assessment of the Raiders QB. After they played highlights from the Raiders’ loss to the Buffalo Bills, Dan Patrick asked Harrison whether he puts all the Raiders’ problems on Carr. “Of course not. I don’t put it all on the quarterback, but he’s a big problem because he’s been so inconsistent,” said Harrison. “One week he looks like Aaron Rodgers, the next week he looks like an average quarterback. When Marshawn Lynch comes back, you have to run the offense through him.” Harrison then elaborated and was even harder on Carr. “When I think about Carr, he’s the one guy that we always seem to give a free pass to. We always seem to criticize or compliment all the other quarterbacks. Why do we give him a free pass? What has he done so spectacular in this league?