Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ contract extension contained a $35 million signing bonus and will pay him $130.75 million if he fulfills the entire deal. According to a source with access to NFL Players Association salary information, Rodgers’ $40 million in 2013 pay is broken down like this: a $35 million signing bonus, a $4.5 million base salary and a $500,000 workout bonus. The signing bonus was prorated over the first five years of the contract, meaning the bonus will count $7 million on the salary cap in each of those seasons. There is no proration in the final two years of the deal. The deal contains a total of $54 million in guaranteed money. A $9.5 million roster bonus in both 2014 and 2015 is part of the guaranteed money. Rodgers’ salary-cap charge for this season is $12 million. Those numbers increase each year to the following: $17.9 million in 2014, $18.6 million in 2015, $19.6 million in 2016, $20.65 million in 2017, $20.9 million in 2018 and $21.1 million in 2019. Rodgers has relatively low base salaries early in the contract, but those jump to $19.8 million and $20 million in the last two years of the deal. Here’s the full year-by-year breakdown: 2013: Salary cap number: $12 million. Cash value: $40 million. Base salary: $4.5 million Signing bonus: $35 million Workout bonus: $500,000 2014: Salary cap number: $17.9 million. Cash value: $10.9 million. Base salary: $900,000 Roster bonus: $9.5 million (guaranteed against skill and injury). Workout bonus: $500,000