If you're interested in Atlanta Falcons season tickets and you don't want to pay for them, then just go argue college basketball with Roddy White on Twitter and you might get them for free. That's what one fan did. White was asked on March 18 how far he thought Duke would go in the NCAA Tournament this year and as you can see below, he thought the Blue Devils would go pretty far. One of White's Twitter followers didn't think much of the prediction and said that Duke would lose in the first round. White was so sure that Duke wouldn't lose in the first round, he responded with this: If you missed the game, here's what happened: The 14th-seeded Mercer Bears stunned the No. 3 seed Duke Blue Devils and won some free Falcons season tickets for Dylan Hoyt. The only question now is: Will White pay off the bet? The Falcons receiver hasn't tweeted since the end of the game, so we have no clue if he'll pay it off or if he even remembers the tweet.