The waiting is now the hardest part for Colorado’s Trevor Story.

The all-star shortstop jammed his right thumb in the sixth inning of the Rockies’ 6-4 victory over the Diamondbacks Wednesday night. Initial X-rays were negative, but more tests, including an MRI, are scheduled for Thursday. Story admitted that he was nervous that the injury might be serious.

“It’s hard to tell, but personally, I’m always nervous if you have to get an MRI,” he said. “Because you never know.”

In July of his 2016 rookie season, Story jammed his left thumb and X-rays were negative then, too.  But an MRI revealed that he had suffered torn ligaments and he missed the rest of the season, finishing with 27 home runs in just 97 games.

Story, who’s batting .294 with 17 RBIs, is hoping history does not repeat itself.

“It’s too early to tell,” he said. “It just feels like I jammed my thumb a good bit. It’s tough to put words on it right now, or talk about what could be, but we will definitely know more tomorrow. As of right now, it’s jammed and that’s how we’re treating it.”

Manager Bud Black said the injury was “a different type of jam” than the one Story experienced in 2016. Nonetheless, when asked if the memory of his 2016 injury was prompting worry, Story replied,  “That’s been on my mind for sure, but all positive thoughts here from me. That’s how it happened in ’16, but you never know until the MRI comes back. That’s the final say.”