The Walt Weiss experience was unique to everyone in the room, save for one man. As the first annual Cactus League media day ambled along at Chase Field on Monday, Robin Ventura wandered to the back of the room, stopping Weiss. The two talked for roughly five minutes. Weiss' mentors, friends and coaches can insist they understand what Weiss is going through, but Ventura gets it. He lived it last season. Out of the game with no designs on coaching, Ventura was named the manager of the Chicago White Sox, replacing the combustible but successful Ozzie Guillen. Mike Matheny traveled a similar path in St. Louis. Both have reached out to Weiss, confident he can pull this off and prepared to offer advice if needed. Ventura provided a glimpse into Weiss' thinking Monday. "There's uncertainty with a few things, as you would expect from anyone in our situation. No matter what he says right now, he doesn't know until the games start," Ventura said. "You think you will learn it in spring training and catch up, but it's different than things you worried about as a player."