The offseason to-do list for Jeff Bridich is long and intensive. His answers on a Friday conference call with local media indicated as such, as the Rockies’ general manager has plenty of decisions to make as free agency begins to heat up.

Here are the major topics covered by Bridich as he acknowledged that “this roster and this team is probably not going to look the same in two to three months as it does right now.”

Nolan Arenado‘s contract status. As the club’s all-star third baseman enters the final year of his contract in 2019, Bridich stressed that over the past couple years there have been “honest” conversations with Arenado regarding a new contract, and that he expects those discussions to continue this offseason. “There’s not a perfect timeline or a specific timeline, but we’d love to have him here, and he knows that,” Bridich said. “We’ll see what happens … We expect him to be on our team next year.”