Pleased with the progress and lack of pain following three instructional league games outfielder Carlos Gonzalez has elected not to have surgery on his sprained right middle finger he told The Denver Post on Monday. At season's end Gonzalez was leaning toward the operation because of multiple setbacks. But he was encouraged by the finger's response last week and he believes it will heal if he foregoes swinging a bat until Dec. 1. "I went to Arizona and played and it felt fine. It has gotten a lot better. I am going to rest it and I should be good to go for spring training" Gonzalez said. The two-time all-star recognizes he's taking a risk. If the finger doesn't respond it could leave him playing catching up in March if surgery is required. But there are no guarantees with surgery that he would regain flexibility in the finger something he weighed heavily after talking to doctors and the Rockies training staff over the last month. Surgery would leave the finger immobilized for 6-to-8 weeks followed by 4-to-6 weeks of aggressive rehabilitation. "The doctor (a hand specialist in Cleveland) said to avoid surgery if I can. That's what I am going to do" Gonzalez said. He had six different instances where the finger flared up beginning with an awkward swing on July 7 against Diamondbacks left-hander Patrick Corbin.