Carlos Gonzalez has evolved to valuing certainty over versatility. Don't misunderstand him. He would go to right field if the Rockies asked, but his preference is to stay in one spot. And right now, that's left. "It's easier if I don't bounce around, because you get comfortable with the stadiums, where the walls are, where you need to play," Gonzalez said. Gonzalez suffered multiple wrist injuries in 2011 while playing center and right. He was slotted to play right field in 2012 before the Rockies signed free agent Michael Cuddyer. CarGo shifted to left, where he won his second gold glove, and remained off the disabled list. Manager Walt Weiss has brought up the idea of covering some innings in right field as a way to create more playing time for Eric Young Jr. in left. "I will always do what's best for the team," Gonzalez said. After Tyler Colvin's demotion, the Rockies are carrying just four outfielders. Weiss, as such, told Jordan Pacheco and Reid Brignac to be prepared to go out there on a double switch. Brignac originally signed at LSU as a center fielder, so he has experience to draw on. Before last Saturday's two-inning exhibition stint, Pacheco last remembers playing outfield during his freshman year of high school. "I don't have a glove. I will have to borrow one and make it work," Pacheco said.