When the Rockets were loose and happy, goofing their way through indoor rain delays, they were rolling. After the game was stopped for 35 minutes in the first half, the Rockets blew it open, taking a 21-point lead. After it was halted for 22 minutes before the start of the second half, they pushed the lead to 25. They fired passes around the court. They lobbed alley-oops to Dwight Howard. But when they felt pressure, they held up as well as the Verizon Center roof Saturday night. The Rockets fell apart until they needed nothing as much as having Donatas Motiejunas run upstairs to poke another hole in the roof. Instead, they plugged the holes in their leaky defense and pulled out a 114-107 victory over the Washington Wizards that was much tougher than it needed to be. Rain-delayed win For 2½ hours, the Rockets were terrific. That usually is enough. With the game on the line, they outscored the Wizards 17-4. And most of all, the roof was repaired long enough that a long, strange night included a final score. “I never had something like this,” said Rockets coach Kevin McHale, who has been in and around the NBA since 1980. “That was crazy. It was, was – different.” It could have been much worse than different. Trash cans were placed on the court to catch the rain, but it was unclear if the leaks could be repaired. Announcements were made that they would be.