Exactly one week ago, the Golden State Warriors suffered a humiliating 140-109 loss to the Houston Rockets, the start of a five-games-in-four-days roadtrip that ended with all losses, all poor performances, and the loss of the services of Jarrett Jack in the last three games. With 72 hours to recuperate, the stage is set for the Warriors' revenge game. With all the subplots involving Draymond Green's flagrant foul on Patrick Beverley's team-three-point-record-breaking attempt, Mark Jackson's strategy of fouling late in the game to send the Rockets to the free throw line to prevent breaking the record, Andrew Bogut's tweet "C U Tuesday" in reference to tonight's rematch, there are three main themes I'd like to touch upon for this game tonight: The return of Jeremy Lin and it being Asian Heritage Night (of course!). There's supposed to be a postgame Q&A with him. If the Warriors are going to come out and play like they're capable of playing or is the four-game losing streak a disturbing slide going downhill.