Despite the chance the Rockets will meet Denver in the first round of the playoffs, both coaches said they would not consider Saturday’s final matchup of the regular season as a chance to evaluate options in game plans or rotations. Nuggets coach George Karl said he would have looked at the game as an opportunity to experiment, but with the season-ending injury to Danilo Gallinari, he had other issues to evaluate. “If we were healthy and 100 percent, I would probably say, yeah,” Karl said. “Tonight’s experiment is how to help my team. “When we prepare for the playoffs, we prepare on the last 10 games that team plays more than on the four games that we play. We watch the four games that we played, but that will be the second or third (on the) list in importance. We watch the last 10 games. And we’ll watch a team that’s dominated them. “Say we’re playing Houston in the first round, if there is a team that’s beaten them three out of four, we study that personality a little bit more. And then our personality against them.” Rockets coach Kevin McHale said there were zero thoughts about how Saturday’s game might offer such information. “They have this new thing,” McHale said. “It’s DVDs and stuff. You can actually just watch them with league pass.”