Veteran Rockets guard Francisco Garcia moved into the rotation Sunday, quickly hitting three 3-pointers. But coach Kevin McHale hoped Garcia, more than offering another shooter, could bring the benefits of his eight NBA seasons to a team with so little experience. “I just think Francisco has just got a presence about him,” McHale said. “He just knows what he’s doing. Like (Saturday) in practice, we were going to put D-Mo (Donatas Motiejunas) on (Dallas’ Shawn) Marion. (Garcia) cut because D-Mo had his head turned. He said, ‘You know, Marion is going to cut like that tomorrow in the game.’ That meant more to D-Mo than me screaming and yelling. He hears me yell all the time, ‘Don’t get face cut, don’t get face cut.’ He made the cut on purpose being Shawn Marion. I went, ‘thank goodness.’ ” Garcia said McHale did not tell him he would see his first playing time since the trade to the Rockets, but he told McHale last week he would be ready. Until then, he said he wanted to help in practices by sharing his NBA experiences. “I was just telling D-Mo since he was going to guard him (Marion) that he will flash to the basket,” Garcia said. That really is what he does. He’s great at that. I have played against him many times. I know these guys.”