Rockets guard Jeremy Lin went from three-consecutive games scoring at least 20 points to three games failing to reach double figures. But Rockets coach Kevin McHale said that might indicate sluggishness and breakdowns of the Rockets’ offense as a whole more than Lin’s play, especially Wednesday against the Pacers. That can be especially problematic because the Rockets run few plays to determine shots, instead preferring to run an offense built around pace and space. When they do play in the halfcourt and call a set, it is more often for James Harden to handle the ball in pick-and-roll. “We’re a little more read and react,” McHale said. “It’s systemic to our team not moving the ball, not moving bodies enough, just being a little bit stagnant. Indiana puts you in positions, they do stymie you a little bit. We have to pick our pace back up. We have slowed back down some. This time of year, everybody is getting a little worn out, a little tired. We have to get our pace up.”