The Houston Rockets have fallen from grace this past season. Once the team that took on the Golden State Warriors like no other, the Rockets most recently went on a 20-game losing streak. It appears as though the James Harden trade has put them in a very weak position. But Rockets’ GM Rafael Stone has no regrets about making the move happen in the first place.

Houston Rockets general manager Rafael Stone recently spoke with ESPN. On the subject of the James Harden trade, Stone gave an interesting response. Despite the Rockets’ poor form, Stone said that he would do the deal again without hesitation. He noted that outsiders have the benefit of not knowing the finer details that he does, but he understands that the deal worked well for them.

Stone said, “I would for sure, 100 percent, do that deal again. Again, you guys don’t have the advantages of knowing everything I know, but literally, no part of me regrets doing that deal. I have not second-guessed it for a moment.”

Stone added that the franchise isn’t trying to tank their season to get a solid draft pick.