Having approached the trade deadline over the years from many different angles, from seeking reinforcements for good teams to clearing contracts in the hope of building better teams, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey might have never felt as he does four days before this season’s deadline. Morey will still work the phones and no doubt has already. The odds remain against him reaching Thursday afternoon without agreeing to some sort of deal for the first time in 11 seasons as a general manager. But more than he ever has before, he not only likes the hand he is holding, his wish list – and he does have one – includes a desire to keep his rotation together. That does not mean Morey won’t make a deal. But as the Rockets close in on the deadline, they consider the in-season free agent recruiting that could follow to be at least as likely to bring an addition as the usual trade market. A month since Morey said he thought there was at least a chance that he would go without a deadline deal, Morey said he remains committed to the rotation the Rockets have used to build the second-best record in the NBA. “It’s going to be hard to do anything,” Morey said. “When our guys are healthy, we have lost (once.) Obviously, my job is my job. I’m pretty cognizant I have something special right now.”