Francisco Garcia never could have guessed this day would come. It wasn’t that he was back in Sacramento for the first time since being traded by the Kings to the Rockets as part of an exchange of power forwards, with Patrick Patterson going west and Thomas Robinson moving to Houston. That Garcia would one day play in Sacramento for the Kings’ opponent could not have come as too great a surprise. He played eight seasons with the Kings, becoming one of those veteran pros that cities like Sacramento, unusually attached to their teams, come to appreciate. But he had been around the NBA long enough to know that the only constant is change. In the final season of his contract, he could guess it might become his final season with the Kings. He could have anticipated he would return to Sacramento for the first time with another team. He never could have imagined the possibility it could be his last time as well. “My first years were great,” Garcia said. “There was a sellout every game. There’s not a lot of cities that were like we were when I first got there.” While Garcia and the Rockets prepared to go against the Kings on Wednesday night, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was in New York to present the offer of a local group to purchase the Kings from the Maloof family and prevent the sale to a group that would move the team to Seattle.