Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni tweaked his daily answer about when Chris Paul would return from his bruised left knee, but the change was more about how he put it than the timetable itself. D’Antoni said last Wednesday that he guessed Paul would be out another two weeks. He said he could only guess until the Rockets measure his progress when Paul returns to practice. D’Antoni said that again on Tuesday, adding that it is unclear how much practice time the trainers will want Paul to put in before he is cleared to play. But he found a different way to describe the timetable since his “two weeks” estimate was nearly a week old. “I just think it is sooner than later,” D’Antoni said. “I don’t know how soon that is. For me, it will never be soon enough. I guess we can use the baseball analogy; he’s probably rounding second and pretty close to third so we’re getting there.”