Rockets forward Thomas Robinson, acquired in Wednesday’s deal with Sacramento, arrived in Barclays Arena shortly before halftime Friday, but he and Francisco Garcia were not cleared in time to have played anyway while waiting for the players that the Rockets sent to Sacramento to complete their physicals. Robinson had gone from playing sparingly to the key to a trade in which the Rockets gave up the starter, Patrick Patterson, at the position, but said he had not given as much thought to the confidence the Rockets showed in him as to the opportunity to start over. “I just know that I’m here now,” Robinson said about more than his travel. “I have to make the best of my opportunity. Why they did it, is not really a concern right now. I’m just focused on playing. I can try to bring energy, effort and be a good teammate, try to learn from these guys. There’s a lot of good players on this team. “It hit me, but it’s pretty exciting. I’m exciting about the trade, just ready for the opportunity.”