New York is down one superstar with the Giants’ trade of Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns.

Every team wants to have at least one superstar. But as OBJ showed, being a superstar doesn’t mean you will lead your team to success. Having the right superstar is what it’s all about.

With all that in mind, Mets fans might want to consider these words from Robinson Cano about young shortstop Amed Rosario.

“Rosario is going to be a superstar,’’ Cano told The Post.

Not just a star, a superstar. Cano, who crushed a two-run home run to center field off Gerrit Cole in the Mets’ 2-1 win over Houston Wednesday at First Data Field, has seen enough of Rosario this spring to make such a bold prediction.

Cano, who is hitting .423, knows talent and superstardom and loves everything he sees as he mentors the 23-year-old shortstop. He does not throw the term out there loosely.

“He can run, he can field, he’s strong and he is going to add muscle as he gets older, that’s going to be something else. He listens, too,’’ Cano told me of Rosario. “I love the kid.’’

Rosario goes everywhere Cano goes, much like he followed Jose Reyes around, but there is one big difference. Cano is still at the top of his game and remains a hitting machine in his 15th season in the majors. Cano is totally invested in the game, and as a result, Rosario is getting tips from a hitter who batted .303 last season and has a lifetime average of .304 with 311 home runs.