Robin Lopez has been a part of four playoff runs. There likely won’t be a fifth. At least not with the Bulls. These 3-10 Bulls. “I’m competitive, and I know all the guys in this locker room are competitive, so we’re focused on getting better that day in practice, getting better and going out to try and win games,” Lopez said Friday. “I think we all see what’s immediately there in front of us right now.” Losses. Lots of them. And more than a guy in his 10th NBA season should be willing to endure. Dwyane Wade had no intention of suffering through this current Bulls rebuild and passive-aggressively pushed for a buyout this past summer. But Lopez isn’t about to be mistaken for Wade. Yes, he knows he’s the biggest trade asset on the team, and there’s a good chance he won’t be wearing a Bulls uniform past the Feb. 9 trade deadline, but it won’t be because he wants to be elsewhere.