So far things are going well for the Orioles at Camp Showalter in Sarasota, where it's sunny every day — at least metaphorically — and most of the vibes are positive. Oh, sure, Brian Roberts gave everyone a little scare Wednesday when he missed the morning workout with a sore neck and went for X-rays. The Orioles' second baseman probably led the league in X-rays and MRI's when his bad back sidelined him for most of last season. So the Orioles tend to get jittery whenever he so much as coughs, never mind when he complains of soreness somewhere. But when Roberts returned to camp, he told reporters he didn't think the neck was a big deal. "We probably all had a stiff neck at some point in our life, right?" he said. Right. Except when I wake up with a stiff neck, thousands of Orioles fans don't hold their breath. And Andy MacPhail doesn't break out in a cold sweat. Anyway, as of this writing, Roberts was getting treatment for the neck. And tell me if this sounds familiar: He wasn't sure if he'd able to work out with the rest of the team today. "No idea," he said. "We'll just see how it feels." Cue the music: doo-doo doo-doo ... That's all the Orioles need, another slog by B-Rob through the Injury Twilight Zone. But let's not think about that now — it's too depressing. Hopefully, it's just a stiff neck, nothing more, and he's running around today like a rookie. If you're looking for the highlight of the camp thus far, it was probably the mysterious 12-minute motivational movie manager Buck Showalter showed his team.