Shortly after John Tortorella gave assurances that Roberto Luongo just wanted to play and had a good mindset for training camp with the Canucks the long-awaited word from Luongo has come down. The drama can end for now. Luongo who had remained silent since Cory Schneider was surprisingly traded at the draft early this summer spoke with James Duthie of TSN about the whole situation the first time he's spoken. Some suggested that Luongo was so unhappy that he might not show up to camp in Vancouver for this season. Don't worry Canucks fans he'll be there and will be extremely motivated to boot. So for now the drama is done but Luongo told Duthie he still isn't sure about his future in Vancouver. The present though is that he will remain a Canuck. It just didn't always look that way. "I had moved on from Vancouver and was ready to start fresh somewhere else like a divorce except she wanted me back" Luongo said in a pretty solid analogy. She wanted him back and she got him. What is really interesting is something else Luongo told Duthie. Remember when he lamented at the postseason press conference that his contract sucked? It was more than just lip service to the media.