So, today has been an absolute gong show in the ongoing saga of Roberto Luongo. In case you fell victim to the early stages of the oncoming zombie apocolypse and are just now awakening from a 12-hour slumber, Brian Burke was fired as the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs . You know, the same Brian Burke who has reportedly been after Vancouver's passé goaltender for months now. And his replacement? Why, none other than the man who brought Roberto Luongo to Vancouver in the first place, Dave Nonis! The thought plickens. My initial thought upon hearing the news was that we had just found out who was ultimately under more pressure between Brian Burke and Mike Gillis to make the Luongo deal. I assumed Leafs ownership had wanted Luongo badly, told Burke to go get him, and canned him when he was unable to do so (it's not as if that would be the only bullet in their chamber either, with nary a playoff appearance on Burke's resume). Whether Burke wasn't as high on Luongo as his bosses or just wasn't willing to pay the price Gillis was asking is something that will likely never be publicly clarified. It's not even clear whether or not the potential trade had anything to do with his dismissal.