Former Laker Robert Horry calls out Kawhi Leonard for his indecisiveness, lists how it’s hurting the Clippers and their chances 

One of the biggest names of this free agency has been Kawhi Leonard. He joined the Clippers in 2019, right after winning a championship in Toronto. He signed a 3 year, $103 million deal with the Clippers, with a player option in the third year. Kawhi opted out of his player option, declining $36 million for the upcoming season.

It was assumed Kawhi only declined his player option to go back to the Clippers on a much bigger contract. However, it has been 5 days of free agency, and no sign of Kawhi Leonard inking a deal. This has left the Clippers on an awkward spot, and former Laker Robert Horry decided to talk about the same.

During free agency, most of the free agents tend to sign with teams for one of the two reasons: 1) They get a chance at title contention. 2) They can earn a lot.