Earlier today, we attempted to reconcile the intention of former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III to sell a book that delves into, among other things, the sexual harassment issues within the franchise with his failure to say anything about what he knows either in the past or in the present, given that the issue continues to be the subject of intense public curiosity — and a Congressional investigation.

In response to our tweet on the issue, Griffin said this: “Sexual harassment victims should share their stories when they are ready not when you want them to. The book is not about other people’s experiences with sexual harassment in Washington. It’s about my experience with sexual harassment in Washington. Hopefully you will listen.”

That comment creates the impression that Griffin is a victim of sexual harassment, not a witness to it. So we sought further clarification in response to his tweet. He has not replied.

He has, however, retweeted this tweet from his wife: “Let’s clear up a misconception about ‘Surviving Washington.’ In the book, Robert is not talking about other peoples experiences with sexual harassment in Washington. He is talking about his OWN experience with sexual harassment in Washington.”