Despite increasing calls to use technology to determine balls and strikes, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred isn’t in favor of such a change, according to’s Anthony Castrovince. “The fact of the matter is they (umpires) get them right well over 90 percent of the time,” Manfred said, adding that he doesn't think technology is good enough yet to consider implementing a change. "And there is a human aspect to that, a work aspect to it that’s always been an important part of our game. I don’t think you can just jump to the conclusion that if you have [the] technology to do it that’s the right thing for your product.” It’s a vote of confidence to major league umpires, with many around baseball wearing white wristbands Saturday during games to protest what they called “abusive player behavior.” Regardless, the calls to move to electronic strike zones are increasing. Earlier this month, Cubs outfielder/second baseman Ben Zobrist made a plea to use technology for calling balls and strikes after he struck out looking to end a game.