Major League Baseball is less than a week into its season and they have already hit a little bump in the road. With 17 Miami Marlins (so far) testing positive for COVID-19, MLB has decided to "pause" the team's season, with their series against the Orioles and Nationals scheduled for later in the week now postponed.

So now what? The Marlins will have at least seven games to make up and there are only three scheduled days off between now and the end of the season. The Nationals, Phillies, Yankees and Orioles will face similar scheduling issues and we haven't even had a game rained out yet. So what do they do?

Well, MLB could just throw their hands up and say that some teams might not finish a full 60 game season. It actually sounds like MLB might go this route. In a twisted way, it would actually prove Rob Manfred's negotiations before the season more than fair.