SpongeBob Squarepants sat there talking about the adventure ahead. Two spots down, The Green Men were laughing about the Oilers Halloween party. "Four years ago I was trick or treating," said Green Man No. 1, Taylor Hall. "I think it was the same for me," said Green Man No. 2, Jordan Eberle. "I think I was 13 or 14," said Sponge Bob, a.k.a., 18-year-old Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. "I can't remember what I dressed up as, but I'm pretty sure I was somebody real scary," said The Nuge. "I think everybody got a laugh at me as SpongeBob," said the kid who looks like he's about 12 without the costume. A picture of him in the costume singing Karaoke and another of Hall and Eberle in their Green Men costumes were tweeted by the players. "My costume selection was at the last minute. It was the best I could get," said Nugent-Hopkins, who Wednesday will appear on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg on TSN.