Step aside Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Make way for Chris Paul Blake Griffin and … uh … DeAndre Jordan maybe? Doc Rivers thinks his Clippers could have a new “Big Three” in the making but that’s not all. He also says this Clippers squad could put his great Celtics teams to shame. “They should be better than any team I’ve ever coached I really believe that” Rivers said. “They’re more athletic. They don’t have the veteran IQ but they should be in that area. We have a couple of individual defenders that can be dominating on defense. We have great speed but we don’t have the size in some ways as some of the teams I’ve coached.” This will no doubt irk Celtics fans but the bigger issue with Rivers’ comments is that they are objectively a stretch. Paul is a great; there is no denying that. But Griffin in 2013 has work to do to reach Garnett’s stature in 2007 even if Griffin has blossomed more quickly as a player than Garnett did.