Down to just three guards, the Boston Celtics know all too well that they need some help on the perimeter. But the Cs have no plans on making a decision too quickly. "Danny (Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations) and I the last 48 hours have probably covered every human being that's breathing and can dribble and shoot," C's coach Doc Rivers said prior to Boston's 71-69 win over Chicago. "We're just going to take our time," Rivers said. "At the end of the day today, that was basically what we came to. We don't want to rush into anything." Boston will continue to scour the wires for potential free agents as well as give some thought to potential D-League call-ups. And of course, there's the Feb. 21 trade deadline coming up that the C's will also include among their options at this point to add talent. But Rivers reminded reporters that the Celtics have very little salary cap flexibility, which surely will have an impact on the kind of deals that Boston pursues. "We're just going to wait," Rivers said. "And if someone shakes loose or you can get someone, we will. But until then, we're stretched at the guard spot."