Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews called his deleted tweet about being done with football if the NFL makes players stand for the anthem, “a bad decision,” and “an ignorant thing.” Matthews also said he takes full responsibility for the tweet that he sent out and then quickly deleted on Thursday. “Regarding the tweet I sent out, I”m a man, and sometimes you make bad decisions at the wrong time. And at that time, I made a bad decision to tweet that out at that given moment. Regarding all the Twitter question, there’s your answer,” he said Friday. Matthews was asked on Twitter if he would stay in the locker room or pay a fine if the NFL made a rule requiring players to stand for the national anthem. He replied, “I would be done playing football.” Asked if he stood by that tweet, Matthews recanted. “Not right now. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that. I know the owners have got a meeting next weekend, so hopefully it won’t get to that,” he said. “Sometimes people, as you all know, tweet some ignorant things out at some moments, and that was an ignorant thing I tweeted out that that given moment. I take full responsibility. That’s why it went down (was deleted), but somebody caught me with a screen shot.”