With the unfortunate injury to Jeremy Maclin the entire Philadelphia Eagles offense has taken a blow. He has been an effective target for the Eagles the past four years and has never had below 770 yards a season. While DeSean Jackson is the obvious No. 1 target this opens up a great deal of competition and opportunity for many of the Eagles wide receivers. Now while someone is going to take over Maclin’s spot on the depth chart there is a very good chance that someone else is going to have a breakout season. That man would be former fifth-round pick Riley Cooper. That may not be a sexy pick to many to win the No. 2 spot and he most likely won’t. However that does not mean he won’t be able to have a greater impact on this team than before. Last year the Eagles wide receivers were injured which made Cooper have to come and step up into the plate. Now while he only had 248 yards and three touchdowns he showed a great deal of talent and promise while he had a rookie quarterback throwing to him during those games. Cooper showed his ability to be a possession receiver while showcasing great hands and an understanding of where weak spots were in the defense. Cooper is not going to be a home-run threat every time he catches the ball nor anything like that. What you get with Cooper is a reliable receiver who is going to fight for every yard. He shows a toughness to fight for every yard and take hits over the middle of the field. One of Cooper’s greatest assets is that he has the ability to make stunning catches. While he is not the biggest receiver he still knows how to use his athleticism to beat defenders.