In most circumstances, Switzerland is a lovely place for a visitor from North America to spend a couple of months. But maybe not so much if you’re a young hockey player still trying to figure out the rigors and demands of a sound, two-way game. You can bet Tyler Seguin had himself a grand time during his lockout stint in the Swiss league. Life, and scoring goals, were easy. Perhaps too easy. And perhaps the 21-year-old brought some bad habits back to the NHL. It takes time to break those habits. Seguin is showing signs of doing just that the last couple of weeks, certainly again last night at the Garden, where he collected two goals and an assist in the Bruins’ latest victory, 4-2, over the Toronto Maple Leafs. To be the player Seguin says he wants to be, it’s not just about points. Points are great, but his model is not super sniper Steven Stamkos. It’s linemate Patrice Bergeron, one of the most honest and hard-working forwards in the NHL. The credo of a Bergeron: You don’t cheat and cut corners to find scoring chances. You work for them. Seguin has been working much better lately and the results show it: 5-7-12 totals and a plus-8 in the last 10 games.