Alex Anthopoulos jumped in his car Friday morning, set to head across central Florida. He never made it to his destination, which was Joker Marchant Stadium at the corner of Kaline Dr. and Horton Way. Had he made it, he would have witnessed the latest instalment in the Ricky Romero Against Himself drama being played out in spring training this year, plus an opportunity to watch Colby Rasmus and Anthony Gose, theoretically combatants for the centre field position with the Blue Jays, playing for a few innings at least in the same outfield. It wasn’t that Anthopoulos got 50 feet out of his driveway and decided his Friday would be more pleasant without watching his team play and watching those individuals perform. It was something much more mundane. Traffic, plain and simple, on the I-275 around Tampa persuaded Anthopoulos to abandon all hope of making it to Lakeland in time.