Rick Nash’s 12-team approved trade list cuts across the border and could be expanded upon further review, No. 61 told Slap Shots on Saturday. “I included the teams that I think have the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup and are also places I think would be good for my family,” the 33-year-old father of two young children said. “And, yes, that does include teams in Canada. I’m not excluding that as a possibility.” It is believed teams not on the list have been in touch with Joe Resnick, the pending free agent’s agent, to inquire whether Nash might be persuaded into adding them to the mix. “I’m not sure if that’s been the case yet. It’s been pretty quiet on my end up to now,” Nash said. “I’m not going to include 30 teams, but I would take a look if that came up. I was asked to pick a certain number of teams, but I don’t want to say anything is off-limits. “It’s a weird situation for me. I could be going someplace for a few months, but I also might wind up staying with a new contract, too. If I’m not wanted here, I’m open to anything.” Nash invoked that phrase, “If I’m not wanted here,” a couple of times. He caught himself, paused, then amended it. “I shouldn’t really say that in that way,” he said. “I learned at an early age not to take these things personally. There is no organization in the league that treats its players better than this one does. “But it’s no secret what the plan is here now. They held a press conference and sent out a letter to tell everyone. If they can get younger players and draft picks for me, then I won’t be here. It’s part of this business.” There is no more attractive top-six, complete-game, secondary-scoring winger available on the rental market. The Rangers need to maximize the return for Nash, with NHL-ready quality rather than accept only late first-rounders and mid-level prospects coming back. Dallas, Nashville, San Jose and St. Louis have expressed interest. Boston is in. Winnipeg, where the Rangers play Sunday afternoon, may be interested; Tampa Bay, too. Toronto could be, as well, but seems reluctant to jump into the pool head-first.