Rick Nash missed his third game Saturday night, fittingly a 3-0 shutout loss to the Montreal Canadiens. It's telling that Nash, who has played in three less games than most Rangers, is still leading the team in points. To this point no one is sure what the Nash injury is. The Rangers have been tight-lipped about it, and since he's missed his first game there has been no updates about his status. Some fans take this as a bad sign, I take it as a typical sign when it comes to injuries in New York. The team doesn't disclose injuries to the press, which is fine. But today it is expected that the media will be getting updates on all the injured players. And while fans will hold their breath as the team updates the status of Ryan McDonagh and gives us more information about Dan Girardi, what the Rangers do (or don't) say about Rick Nash will be telling as well. To this point I'm not concerned about the Nash injury. It can be a variety of things, including a groin or shoulder injury. But if he does have a concussion (and I have a feeling the team not making a comment on his injury Monday will be a hint that we might be looking at a concussion) then the timetable becomes unknown. And for a team that has serious issues scoring right now? That could be a fatal blow.