There's a new word and a new position in the NBA that is being used a lot. Certain players have become "facilitators." Because there aren't many true point guards, teams turn to their facilitators to run the offense in tight games. LeBron James is a facilitator. Dwyane Wade is a facilitator. Tayshaun Prince was a facilitator for the Pistons. Detroit's Rodney Stuckey is more of a scoring guard -- not a shooting guard -- in the body of a point guard. "You have to have a great facilitator and a great athletic team to be good nowadays," said Rick Mahorn, a former Piston and former head coach of the Detroit Shock. "You have facilitators, not necessarily a point guard. Teams have been able to have combo guards that were facilitators. Chauncey (Billups) wasn't really a point guard, per se. He was a facilitator. You look at Isiah (Thomas) and Joe (Dumars). Both could score, but they were both facilitators. Vinnie Johnson was a facilitator where you could buy time until you get a true point guard.